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GPS Taxi Meter
Additional Features :

Device is Protected against any tempering such as opening of the assembly of the integrated GPS fare meter or tempering with the SIM card tray and sends an alert message on being tempered..
* Device is provided with five ports for additional sensor connectivity which can be configured.
* Device display the percentage battery level on the screen and sends an alert when battery level goes below a configurable value .
*Device sends an alert to the central server when the vehicles battery connection is disconnected from the matter .
* Parameters like APN, Taxi number, IP address and port number can be set by SMS or by TCP/IP.
*Device Operating Temperature range is from-10°C to 60°C.
*IP-54 Protection.

Main Features :

Graphic display 128x64 .
* Panic Button for passenger .
* Temper proof feature .
* Vehicle movement indicator .
* GPRS/GSM for data transmitting & receiving from server.
* Hall Effect sensor attachment for distance calculation.
* GPS for latitude/longitude .
* Li ion battery for backup supply .
* Battery life indicator .
* Status indication of vehicle .
* Inbuilt 2" thermal printer.
* Dispatch feature
* 10 keys for performing different functions .
* 8MB memory for data retention
* 5 ports for interfacing with diifferent sensors.


Keypad :

Metering keys for trip start, trip end, hired, vacand & retired modes .
* Dispatch keys : Accept, Reject & Mode .
* Scroll keys : Scrolling the memory data.
* Printer keys to print the slip.
* From feed key to feed the paper.
* Panic Key through a wired switch to send a SOS message to server.


Display :

* LCD Backlit 128x64 Graphic Display
* It indicates GPRS Signal Strength, GPS connectivity, Vehicles Movement, Vehicle Status, Battery Life on the bottom line
* .It display 8 lines with 20 characters in each line
.* This display is also used to give dispatch instructions to the driver.
.* White Character with Blue Background selected for distant vision andaesthetic looks

.* Displays fare distance & waiting time in large fonts
.* It indicates current date & rea time on the top line


Printer :

..*Printing Memory : 1 Kb
..*Maximum Current : <1A
..*No. of Dots/line : 384
..*Print Width : 2"
..*Print Speed : 75mm/sec
..*Operating Voltage :5V
..*Temperature :-10 C to 60 C
..*Character : selectable-12x20/24x40
..*Resolution :8 dots/mm
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